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Terms and Conditions

This page lists our privacy policy, cookie policy, and the terms and conditions of your use of this website. For the purpose of this agreement, ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘us’, ‘this website’, and ‘New Casino Sites’ all refer to the same entity, which is www.new-casinosites.co.uk. Also, for the purpose of this agreement, ‘you’, ‘your’, ‘user’, ‘visitor’, and ‘reader’ all refer to the same entity, which is the user of this website.

By using this website, the users of this website are agreeing with all the terms, conditions, and policies listed here. It is a legally binding agreement between this website and its users.

Terms of Use

The usage of this website is governed by the following terms of use.

  • This website is strictly intended for the use of people of 18+ years of age. People below 18 years of age are prohibited from using this website, even under parental supervision.
  • All the information we share with our users has been generated after ascertaining its accuracy. However, we do not take any responsibility, legal or moral, for any damages resulting from the actions taken on that information. We strongly advise our readers to visit the individual online casino and check their terms, conditions, and policies before engaging with them. We also do not take any responsibility whatsoever for the damages caused by any kind of information errors present on our website. It is the sole responsibility of our readers to cross verify the information we bring to them and then make an informed decision accordingly.
  • As an online casino comparison site, we are independent from any casino operators. Therefore, we reserve ourselves from any disputes that arise between our readers and any casino. Under no conditions can we be subjected to any type of claims, no matter what kind of dispute exists between our users and any casinos.
  • We frequently update this document to reflect the changes in the industry and to our policies. By continuing to use this website, users agree that they will abide by the updated terms, conditions, and policies.
  • At New Casino Sites, we believe in responsible and recreational gambling. We strongly advise people who have a gambling addiction, be it in the present or in the past, from playing casino online.
  • Our website caters to visitors from all across the world. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the individual users to abide by all the laws and regulations in their country, state, and local areas.

Personal Data and Privacy Policy

We are a purely information and entertainment website. Therefore, we neither need nor collect the personal data of our website users. The only personal data that we might collect in the future is when we launch the newsletter service. Even then, the only information we will collect from our users is their email address and that too only when they share it with us for the specific purpose of receiving the newsletters.

Under no circumstances shall we sell to or share the email addresses of our users with any unauthorized person or organization. We might, however, use third-party tools like bulk mailing services, which require us to upload users’ email address onto the platforms. In such cases, we make sure that those services are not using those email addresses for any unintended purposes.

Any data that is collected from our users is 100% anonymous.

You will find our Cookie Policy right here.