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The Jungle Books by Yggdrasil 

Unlike many videos games that are simplistic and could easily lead to boredom, Jungle Books is a mind teaser that is brought to the world of gaming by. This awesome game is a tribute to the 2016 movie Jungle Books brought to fans by Yggdrasil gaming. The innovation brought into making Jungle Books is otherworldly thanks to the Fusion Realms mechanics. The adventure is as real as any virtual gaming experience can ever provide with the creation of multiple characters in five virtual realms.

All characters have distinctive features that makes the game intriguing and an enjoyable challenge. The game also makes allowances random multipliers that come about when players hit different combos. Apart from the ten different features, realms and combinations, the call of the wild equally add a new intrigue to the game. Playing Jungle Books is like graduating from one adrenaline challenge to another more exciting one.

How to play

Playing Jungle Books is an exhilarating experience because of the numerous character options. Playing with each character offers different perks like with the Boy players have the advantage of the wild since the landing spreads to create one or two extra symbols are different locations. The panther has the wild Superhigh Pay Symbols feature which allows the player access to win multipliers which can multiply stack by two, three or even five. This feature also enable high value symbols to transform into wilds.

For the bear, the stacked symbol feature since one is randomly chosen to be stacked on the reels of every spin. Honeycomb coin wins are a perk for the Bear as well as the wild symbol. The honeycomb coins range between fifty and fifty thousand. The Snake is characterized with three times wild multipliers in which each wild symbol win is multiplied by three. There is also a win both ways feature that allows a player to win from left to right and vice versa. The Tiger has the sticky respins feature that is activated by a win. The stacked wild feature is also a bonus that also enhance wins.

Extras include synched attributes that apply to all the realms though in different dimensions. For the Boy, Bear and Tiger, the first and second reels are synched to four and five. For the Panther, the synched reels are one and five while for the Snake the second, third and fourth are synched.

the jungle book yggdrasil slot

Special features & functions

Features in the Jungle Books are a sum of all the exciting bits in every adventure type video game imaginable. This include three reels, five characters with each inhabiting a specific realm and forty five feature combinations. The excitement continues because the features come with unique bonus options that makes playing really fun.

Jungle Books has five characters with each character having two unique features according to their constitutions. These characters include, the Boy, the Tiger, the Bear, the Panther and the Snake. Also, each character has its own realm which heightens the adventure thrill of the game. The features of each character are only activated when they are in their home realm which takes home advantage to a sophisticated level. The home advantage allows the host to invite guests with the huge three times feature combos.

Forty five feature combinations are remarkable since each realm comes with its own bonus features, reel sets as well as graphic resolutions. The bonus features can be accessed through the wild cards, stacked symbols, multipliers and more. The call of the wild is an extra feature that allow players to win big, it suffice to follow the call of the wild to make these gains. Talk about survival in the jungle.


Yggdrasil gaming has satisfied the fairytale dreams of every adventure loving gamer by putting together a challenging and intriguing game with its fusion realms innovative mechanics. With five dynamic characters harboring five unique realms of adventurous bliss. The combos and bonuses are unique for each player and realm which all synched into an awesome adventure. Playing Jungle Books satisfies two needs, the drill for adventure and the odds of winning.

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