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Poke the Guy by Microgaming 

Poke The Guy slots game is an entertaining and rewarding game with lots of fun to guarantee its players. The highly entertaining, amazing and fun-filled game was designed by Microgaming, one of the most popular game developers in the iGaming industry. The game is colorful with bright lights has a refreshing look, and features amazing graphics to attract players.


The design of the game is one that draws the attention of the players due to the fact that it is a bit different from other slot games in the market, it features a guy with moustache who appears randomly on several locations of the landscape of the city dressed in yellow and poses differently at different stages with several facial expressions.

No special gameplay here, but the main one is to throw several weapons on him and ensure to hit the guy.

Look & Feel

The game depicts a strange and monstrous guy who terrorizes the entire city by randomly appearing in different parts of the city’s landscape and destroying the city’s buildings and other infrastructure. The objective of the players is to save the citizens and residents of the city from the attacks of this monster guy.

poke the guy

How to Win in Poke the Guy

The primary and only objective of the player is to bring the monster terrorist guy down. There are several options of weapons and projectiles to which a player can choose from, the main aim is to catapult this weapon or projectile to the face of the dreaded monster in which a single hit on the face of the monster can lead to a multiplier effect on the bet staked. Provided weapons include the yellow rubber duck and the lethal piranhas and a wager to choose from. These objects represent an array of bet values.

Tapping on the slingshot causes the objects to be shot randomly in the direction of the giant monster. Each item shot counts as a bet. The monster guy, in turn, tries hard to wave off and escape the shot of the projectiles, stomps on the projectiles and randomly appear and reappears.

Every time this is done, the monster strikes a pose indicating his escape from the shot of the projectiles.

Poke the Guy Payout

The players are in for a huge reward when playing this game, with multipliers that go 2x, 4x ,8x, 12x, 18x and even 500x of the bet money. They can reach jackpots of up to £15,000 with just a stake of £30.


The game Poke The Guy is the one that offers lots of fun and novelty. Though several features are absent in the game, it is a fun game and promises huge reward which can be up to 500x your initial bets. That’s nice.

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