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Planet of the Apes by NetEnt 

Netent’s Planet of the Apes is a homage to the movies Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. It is not surprising therefore that this video game is brought to us through a well thought out collaboration between Netent and Twentieth Century Fox. In reflection to the two movies, the game has two play sections- rise and dawn.

The awesome thing about playing planet of the apes is the fact that gamers can start as low as 20 pennies or get as ambitious as £200 a spin and the winning percentages are on the upside. The incorporation of real movie features makes this game a hit for fans. Playing this game is an excursion into a blissful world as it comes with extra spins and even multiplier options. Opting to play Planet of the Apes is a wise decision because it is a twofold bargain with incredible winning odds.

How to play

Planet of the Apes is such a hit for the gaming world because it is a two in one package and it is fair to say enjoying two games for the price of one is a sweet deal. The game has two reels with each spotting five reels and twenty paylines. Players should look out for the ultimate wild card- Caesar’s Attic Window which has the power to prompt the Stack Wild feature in the Rise of the Apes section that is duplicated in the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes section. Another dual feature includes random activations of single symbols from both play sections which cannot be identical to each other. When this is done, both reels will only feature the selected symbols while the rest will spot blanks.

The individual sections also feature individual bonuses like the Rise of the Apes bonus has an additional gains package that is activated when the bonus symbol lands on the first reel which enables a player to win up to 79.5 times of their total stack. In the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes section, the player also scores when the bonus symbol lands on the first real. The winnings here can amount to up to 1200 times of the total stack.

In addition to all these bonus features, the multiplier effect is the icing to the cake. For both sections of the came the multiplier effect is achieved the player fills the meter with collect symbols. It results to three extra spins which can be multiplied from one up to five times. The five times multiplier option only applies in the Rise of the Planets of the Apes section.

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Special features & functions

Players know a game is good because of its features and Planet of the Apes have some really great amazing ops. Starting with the awesome movie graphics and moving up to great surprise bonus symbols that makes playing the hilarious adventure every player expects. The dual option makes this game highly solicited as it allow for stacked wild cards to be transferred from one section to the other. The dual feature’s interactive powers go beyond transferring stacks to heightening the adrenalin feeling that comes with winning. Since the cash bonuses keep pouting in when players align ape and human symbols on the reels.

There is an extra spins feature which also allow players ten extra spins for Rise of the Planet of the Apes while Dawn of the Planet of the Apes has up to fifteen extra spins. The lovely part about the extra spins features is that players can pick up more as they get deeper into the game. This is achieved by collecting as many symbols (ape and human) as possible. This game is just too much fun to play especially the fact that more extra spins are allocated through the multiple extra spins features in which players can win up to 3000 times of their original stakes.


A game that pays homage to its movie origins Planet of the Apes is definitely something for fans to look forward to enjoying on a daily basis. This game delivers at all counts from the screen resolutions that come with graphics from the original movies to the scrumptious bonus features that multiple as you get deeper into the game. With this game, winning is guaranteed which is what many calls it Netent’s best work yet.

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