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Orient Express by Yggdrasil 

For those who have nostalgia for the sophisticated olden times when men were gents, women ladies and trains luxurious homes on wheels, Yggdrasil’s Orient Express is the game for you. This game is a 5 reel, 20 payline with four modes based on four cities; Paris, Belgrade, Istanbul and Venice. The features for the game are outstanding with several bonus packages attached to make playing completely fun. There are also wild cards and multipliers can go up to five. Playing Orient Express is like having a road trip on a lavish train with the possibility of interacting with some cool people.

Orient Express is flexible because it is compatible on different devices like phones, tablets and desktops on both android and IOS operating systems. Welcome to the luxury experience of nineteenth century travel in style on the Orient Express. In typical narrative fashion this game utilize awesome graphic designs and cartoon characters to transport players into the old world of glitz and glamor.

How to play

The game is easy to play starting with the activation of the play mode, those who wish to wager high rates should go for the max bet button while those who want uninterrupted play should activate the auto play mode.

Orient express is exciting because it allows players to win up to 20.000 coins. Considering that this is an adventure, players just have to look out for the advantages in their locations. Paris has several walking wilds to cash,

Playing with all the twenty reels activated is the best game experience and it also gives players the opportunity to win. Coin range is 20 cents while wagers can range about £100.

orient express video slot yggdrasil

Special features & functions

The features for Orient Express are lovely beginning with four cartoon characters on a luxury trip to four European cities starting from Paris. Each city has its own distinguishing features with extra spins, walking wilds, multipliers, random wilds and more. Players advance to other destinations by hitting the extra spins which is great news for all adventurers. Istanbul is the last destination in which the traveler has the ability to unlock all the secrets that lie within. At this point, the player has the opportunity to pick their city of choice and cash up on all the extra spins it has in store.

On this exciting adventure, the adventurer has to be on the lookout for some great features like the random reels and the walking wilds award respins. This should be expected in Paris when passengers get these from ticket inspector. This package include an extra spin and the possibility of catching some random wilds symbols.

The clock award multipliers can multiply the player’s loot up to five times and Venice is the city where these are cashed. This can randomly come to the screen after a winning spin.

Train award wild reels are also in stock for the traveler and this benefit is available in Belgrade. Trains ride across the reels in this feature usually from right to left with the capacity of changing a reel into a wild reel and this options can allow up to three reels to turn into wild reels.

The postcard reward wilds are available in Istanbul and this entails postcards flying into randomly chosen symbols to convert them into wilds. All four cities have wild reels as well as twelve symbols that can turn into wilds in favor of the player.

There are also bonus features which include several extra spins. Extra spins can be played anywhere on the reels. Hitting the number three gives the player seven extra spins while hitting four allow for fifteen. In the case where the player gets five scatters there is the opportunity of earning thirty extra spins. When this can be replicated, players can double the extra spins to sixty.


Orient Express is an incredible opportunity to live an old world type adventure across Europe in a luxurious train. This game has exceptional graphics and soundtracks and the experience of lovely cities like Paris, Belgrade, Venice and Istanbul. The cities have hidden bonus features in terms of wild reels waiting for players to accumulate and make gains off. There are also several extra spins that can amount up to sixty. All these amazing features and high odds of winning put together gives a totally satisfactory experience.

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