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Oink Country Love by Microgaming 

If you love the farm life and would love to try it without leaving the comfort of your own life, then here is Oink Country Love, a themed slot that features life on a farm. On the slot, you get to star alongside the Willie and Chanco who are the main characters; and by the way, they are pigs! Well, there is no digging up the soil or milking cows involved but there is a whole lot of banjo and fiddle playing.

The mission set out for you and your pig companions is to get the attention of another pig, Miss Southern Charm. Can you imagine the fun involved in charming someone through dance? There is a reason the Willie and Chanco duo is regarded comical, the video slot is hilarious.

How to play

With 5 reels and 45 paylines, the Oink Country Love slot has a free spins feature and a chance to earn up to 80 free rounds of play. Players also get to enjoy new slots as soon as they just get released, but how does someone move to this status?

A game starts with placing a bet which can be any amount between 50p and £125 before every spin. Never at one moment during the game will you feel like you are wasting time since the prospect of winning superb payouts keeps you glued. To help you on the quest to win Miss Southern Charm over, there are cartoon style symbols to grace the reels.

Expect to see high-value playing cards in addition to Miss Southern Charm and the dancing duo of Willy and Chancho. These two pigs are the wild symbols and will scatter other symbols throughout the game apart from the scatter.

Oink Country Love microgaming

Special features & functions

You would expect the high-value playing cards to also bear high value on this slot but the reverse is true. The highest paying symbols are the cow, chicken, sheep, the miss, and horse. The scatter symbols is a golden ticket which is supposed to land twice on any of the reels 2 or 3.

A maximum of 7 scatters can, therefore, do a common landing during a spin. Landing 3, 4, and 5 scatters triggers an award of 5, 10 and 20 free spins respectively. This free spins features can be retriggered over and over again which is a great way for a player to position themselves for a win.


While the RTP of the Oink Country Love is pegged at 96.5%, it is still considered as medium low volatility as the highest value of a cash award is only 570x the stake. Players rush to play in this slot basically because of the free spins features which can significantly increase the chances of a random payout.

The design and graphic outlook of the slot is bound to impress anyone not to mention the top notch graphics but what really rings far after one has logged out is the country songs used as soundtracks.

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