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King Tusk by Microgaming 

King Tusk is an incredible safari themed game that features the elephant brought to the world of video games by Microgaming. This game is a five reel by twenty five payline that is played by assembling symbols systematically horizontally or vertically. This game is amazing in terms of its low pricing and device diversity. You can play from twenty five pennies to €62.50 a spin, these modest rates open up playing for more players to enjoy this safari virtual paradise.

The other features that makes this game memorable is the safari theme outlook that is pretty eye candy for the senses. There are also many bonus features which gives players more playing opportunities that increase the chances of winning big.

How to play

Playing King Tusk is quite easy. All it takes is for the player to align three symbols vertically or horizontally across the reels.

The three extra spins feature come with different advantages; the Elephant Gone Wild Feature allow all elephant symbols to turn wild within the extra spins. For the Elephant Stampede Feature results when two reels randomly turn into wild reels on every extra spin. The Elephant Dance Feature comes about when a wild symbol is increased to each extra spin which can be replicated for up to five extra spins.

Although this game seems quite simple in terms of features, playing is fulfilling because of the extra spins that stack up thanks to the numerous features in its provision. The wild cards are randomly scattered across the reels and cash on them is blissful.

king tusk microgaming video slot

Special features & functions

King Tusk has numerous features that are intended to enhance the joy of gaming. Amidst a safari virtual world are symbols, A, K, Q, J, a pottery full of gold coins, nine and ten playing cards and elephants. The wild card of course is King Tusk as the eponymous name suggests which has the power to displace all other symbols. This wild card feature can equally transform into a wild reel in the game. The game is compatible on all devices from desktops to mobile phones and tablets. This flexibility adds to the reasons why this is a preferred game for many gamers.

This game comes with outstanding bonuses which is evident from the three extra spins allocations. All of this are randomly displayed throughout the game that can result to ten extra spins for the player. The three free spins sections include the Elephant Dance Feature, Elephant Stampede Feature and Elephant Gone Wild Feature. These are all opportunities for players to have better winning odds that is the reason for gaming.

Moreover, the wild cards increase fast as the player advances into the beautiful safari which is why safari adventures are so memorable. This can result into at least twenty extra spins for the player which can multiple with the wild card up to five times.


Sometimes the pleasure of gaming is diminished when the price tag attached to playing is too high. Microgaming is a developer who knows how to combine great games with modest price ranges. King Tusk represents a successful combination of this beautiful association. Those who love the safari will find enormous pleasure in this game because it is themed as the African safari filled with elegant elephants. Talk about visiting the safari without ever leaving your home.

The game features are also outstanding beginning with the wild cards scattered randomly across the game that transform into numerous extra spins. With these many extra spins comes the opportunity to win. Though this game is simplistic and winning rates are pretty modest, it is still a joy to experience.

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