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Online Slots 2018 | Find your favorite video slot!

With online slots becoming increasingly popular we are dedicated to reviewing many newly launched video slots that we highly recommend our visitors to check out. Links to the slot reviews can be found below. New slots are appearing continuously, and players like them due to the rich gaming choices, plenty of attractive selections and the improved game-playing experience.

All of the casinos we have listed at the site have a great collection of slots to offer.
Before you go ahead and play, make sure you understand all the terms & conditions applied by the casino.



Price for month



£500 + 30



£500 + 50



UP TO 50


Below we have listed some awesome new casinos that’s offering exciting new online slots in 2018. 


1st Deposit Bonus
£1200 + 50 Extra Spins
New Customer Offer, T&C Apply. 18+
100% Deposit Match
+ 20 Extra Spins

New Customer Offer, T&C Apply. 18+
£100 + 60 Extra Spins
New Customer Offer, T&C Apply. 18+
Up to 100 Extra Spins
New Customer Offer, T&C Apply. 18+

Introduction to Slots

Slot machines are very popular across the globe and these come in two forms, progressive and non- progressive. The former is connected with other slots from the same casino, and sometimes from other casinos as well.

In many countries, these slots add to over 80% of total casino revenue. Places where playing casino games have become popular, the slots market has gained many fans. These slots have gained a lot of importance in the restaurants, bars and hotels.

The chances of winning are slimmer with Progressive machines, but you should still give it a chance. The non-progressive slot machines, on the other hand, are possibly the slots that most people are familiar with. These slots usually come with better winning odds as these are not connected with other machines. The performance of other players or machines inside and outside the casino is not affected by Non-progressive slot machines.

Non-progressive slots are a better choice than progressive slots, given that the former comes with lower jackpot amount. Casinos across the globe come with very high amount of jackpot in progressive machines, in order to make them more attractive to many players. However, the odds of winning in these types of slots are very difficult and very low.

At present, slot machines tend to be the most popular form of casino games on Earth, both online as well as in land-based casinos. There are more than 1,000 online slot machines, which include 3-reel, 5-reel and 7-reel slots, progressive jackpots and interactive i-Slots. Many top software vendors offer these machines, which include Boss Media, Vegas Technology, Play Tech, Real Time Gaming and Microgaming. Before playing in a casino, you have to understand which slot machines offer the best payout.

The History of Slots

The history of slots began as early as 1895, when the first slot was created. Charles August Fey designed and developed the Liberty Bell slot machine. In the course of time, he began to develop more number of slots.

The 1950s saw Charles Fey and Company Inc being established as the industry leader. In 1933, the Castle Front slot was set up. This was also the time when the Mills Novelty Company started to bring out low-cost slots encased in wooden cabinets.

In 1951, the Transportation of Gambling Devices Act was passed – and it put the gambling industry under stress. However, gambling activities continued.

In 1964, the first electromechanical slot machines called Money Honey were created. These slot machines were the first slots to come with a bottomless hopper that pays up to 500 coins automatically, even without any outside support. These happened to be the main generators of revenue for casinos, and still continue to be very popular.

The gambling industry reached greater heights in the 1970s, and it was during this time that Video Slots came out for the first time. New levels of functionality and more advanced features were offered to players, and entertain them. It was during this time that the International Game Technology or IGT was also established.

The 21st century was the time when online slots were developed. In 2001, the first online casinos were set up. Internet-based slot games were also launched, and some of the first online slots were created by top software vendors such as Microgaming for the public to enjoy. A major technological landmark was the Random Number Generators (RNGs), which came out during the first time. The last decade has seen slots become the most popular games in casinos based online. People love to play in progressive as well as non-progressive slots.

Online Slots vs Slot Machines

Online Slots are slots that are used for gambling on the web. These come with many appealing themes, and there is variation in themes keeping the varying requirements of players from various countries and cultures. Online slot machines come with different themes, and these take into account the choices of individual players.

Online casino slots have a life-like ambience, just like that of a real casino. You can find various themes in slot machines, including science fiction, sports, fruits or fantasy. Online slot games are very popular, and playing these games is very easy, given that players do not need to understand any complex rules. These slots are very entertaining and can assist players in making tons of money even as they play from home or any other place. Online slots are the top choice of online gamblers today.

If you wish to play, you need to have access to the internet, and once you do, you can play these games from anywhere you like. These are open round the clock, and every player can access a separate slot machine. You can participate in games with larger bonuses when you play online slots.

What is Slot Machine?

Slot machines are machines that come with circular reels of different numbers and sizes. There are different symbols in these reels, which are either painted or attached to them. There can be different symbols, such as: Cherries, Number 7, Bars and different Jackpot signs.

These symbols do not have any special effect on the payout amount or the way a slot machine tends to play.

These machines come with a generator that uses a specific software algorithm to generate random numbers for each game. However, the random number works in a different way. With this type of software algorithm, you can get random results. Once you press any button, the generator decides the next step and the output. A random number generator runs many times per second and each time, a different number of results are shown.

While playing this game, you have to insert 5 coins while begging. Then the slot accepts 5 cards. When a match comes to a draw, you can get the opportunity to change hands – although you can get only one chance. Once you choose the final card, you need to press the deal key and a new card replaces the machine. The slot shows the result according to the player.

What is the difference?

Slot machines started to appear about 1895 as a new way of a gambling, and people were hooked to them soon. With time, these became very popular in casinos and many casino owners began to understand how much potential these had in earning high lucre for them. Today, these are the biggest revenue earners for casinos – both online and offline. However, many players are still clueless about what makes live slots and online slots different.

Although the fun quotient is better in live casinos, with more people being able to join in the fun, online slots stand out for their comfort. You can play from home or from anywhere you like. You will have to wait in live casinos to get a chance to try your luck in the slot machine or slot game that you love. In order to play in online slots, you need just a computer with an internet connection and can play the slots with only a few clicks.

The payout percentage is another point of difference. While it is about 85% in live casinos, online slots are higher. It is about 95%.

The gambling industry has undergone a sea change with the internet, and online slots are extremely popular with who love to play in web-based casinos. It can be tough to know all about all the bonuses, payouts and wagering requirements with different slots in live slots at a glance. You end up wasting a lot of time, without someone very qualified to guide you. Online slots let you know about these easily, and you can quickly browse to know about them.

Slot Games

Slot games are very popular, and they have existed for long. You can play these games in slot machines, and there are thousands of slot games in existence at present. There is no need to stand in line, wait for your turn and compete with others. Many of the slot games have higher pay packages and large bonuses.

It is very easy to play slot games, given that you do not encounter any complicated rules. You have to know about which button you need to press to be able to win. Some software vendors have around 25 pay lines while others consist of 4 – 6 reels. You can also find many bonus games that make playing more challenging. Once you compare the percentages of payout and the winning combinations before initiating the game, you can win even more.

These also come with different pictures, such as tigers, cherries, bananas and apples. When you get three similar pictures in the results, you are able to win. Many such games use RTG (Real Time Gaming), one of the most major software vendors for such types of slots. These include a flash client, and you have to download it. The games are mobile and you can take them anywhere.

You can find slot games in many varieties, consisting of a wide variety of themes that include sports, science fiction and fruits. Slot games can be put into different categories as per the manufacturer, denomination, game-play features and more. You can classify slot machines most easily with the aid of denomination or coin size.

Some of the very popular slot machine games include Lobstermania, The Lion’s Share, Wheel of Fortune, Cleopatra and Deal or No Deal. These games come with different themes and a wide variety of winning and bonus options for all players. You can also find other popular games such as Queen of the Nile, Megabucks, Hot Shot Slots and Double Diamonds. These are some classic slot machine games and you can find them in many casinos out there. The wide variety of slots makes gambling more interesting.

Jackpot Slots

These are progressive slots played via jackpot machines. These games are extremely popular and gamblers in online as well as live casinos like to play them, as large prizes are involved. These jackpots come with bigger sums as compared to national lotteries. You can use the same amount of time that you spend in purchasing a lottery ticket for spinning the reels as many as 10 times. It is due to a bigger payout that jackpots are so popular for players.

One can classify Jackpot Slots into two types, online and land-based. The online jackpot slots are playable on online casinos only, and these make playing more comfortable. You need a computer that is enabled with internet connection, and can play jackpot slots online at any time that you want, and from any place that you like. In Land based jackpot slots, however, you have to play in land-based casinos. These offer a live ambience where you have to play other gamblers and wait for your chance as well.

Keep in mind that online slot jackpots might be very different in features, themes and types. Every jackpot slot requires maximum bet wagers for the eligibility of players. You can obtain exclusive bonus offers for trying out the games, and get plenty of free spins as well. You will see many online jackpot slots related to 100% matching bonuses.

As a player, you can be instantly eligible for winning on each spin of an online jackpot slot. With each spin, you can get the opportunity to win bigger payouts. Although Jackpot slots happen to be extremely popular, some of these are more popular with players. There are many titles, such as WowPot, Cash Splash, SupaJax, Tunzamunni, Fruit Fiesta, Jackpot Deuces, Dark Knight, LotsaLoot and Triple Sevens. You can find these slots with different themes, and many top software vendors like NetEnt and Microgaming power them.

It can be fun to try many jackpot slot games for a short while. However, playing for the long term includes you to be very sporting to risk some monetary losses as well. Anyway, that will not stop gamblers from taking risks and choosing jackpot slot spins.

New Casino Slots

There are new spins and additions to classic hits, such as Fairytale Legends: Hansel & Gretel, Angels & Demons, Fruit Fortune, Twilight Forest, Queen of Atlantis and The Slotfather. If you love fruit themed games, there is Fruit Loot Reboot for you. If you like, games with adventure and medieval themes, Crown of Egypt, Temple of Secrets and Legendary Rome can be the perfect choice. If you have a love for sexy games, The Heat is On, Queen of Atlantis and Sirenas would be good for you. If you like Indiana Jones type slots, Temple of Secrets and Jungle Explorer can be excellent.

These new games do not just come with cosmetic improvement. These new releases have the newest features that are designed to enhance game playing, and can provide players with better and new ways to put more money into every spin.

There are plenty of innovations in these games, such as: Mini-games, Multi-way wins, Multiple grids, Stacked wilds.

These extremely special features can provide you with the opportunity to multiply all your winnings and get the chance to win bigger sums and get out more cash.

If you do not like a specific theme, you can simply move ahead and try the next online slot game. There are many new releases coming out every month for your entertainment. You can play for as long as you want free. When you feel the next big win is waiting, place your bet and then try a spin to see whether you can win the jackpot.

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