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 Agent Spinner Review

Some people gamble when they have stress from regular life situations while others want to gamble when they feel lucky. The most fulfilled type of gambler is those who want to play just because it is their favorite way of passing time. Well, this is what Agent Spinner Casino is anticipated to be. With a high tempo and great games you will be part of an exciting adventure since the experience has been brought closer to you.

The internet will save you from the expense of traveling beyond your bed, desk, workplace or house to go and play at a casino. Using a simple web-enabled phone, Agent Spinner casino will be accessed from any location in the world. It is not yet clear which countries will be locked out but if Agent Spinner has a gambling license, then that is quite encouraging.

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have uk license

UK-players are accepted.

Casino:Agent Spinner Casino
Head office:Malta
Customer Service:Live chat, Phone, Email
Mobile support:Yes
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 Agent Spinner Bonus & Free Spins

Displaying a theme that is not common in the gambling arena, Agent Spinner casino had better have a plan to entice new players. One of the most likely give-away will be a signup bonus; how about you register on the site and never have a reason to leave?

Every gambler appreciates a good sum of money with which to bet with. Getting a bonus even before you deposit anything is cool for honing your skills as well as familiarizing yourself with games you have never tried before. Some casinos also award bonuses on any amount of money deposited in a player account. This is something to look up to especially because the bonus has been as high as 200% on some sites. Isn’t this enough money to buy you winning attempts?


Are you a fan of the slots? Then the only variation to the regular slot machines will be the Agent theme you probably will find. Lots of treats, daily offers, welcome bonuses and more can be expected at Agent Spinner casino when it’s launched to the public.

Take risks by indulging in real play from the very start and you stand to win tons of money. If you are concerned about losing, then there is a mode play mode where you can play dummy games without having to invest any of your money.

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 Customer Service

The most likely channel with which casino players will experience the hospitality of Agent Spinner is through the customer support team. Expect to chat live with site representatives and that means that any issues are sorted out live.

The other channels of communication that are likely to be used in support of player-site interaction are email and phone. It is, however, possible that phone support will be limited to certain hours of the day.

 Agent Spinner Summary

When you hit the play button on the Agent Spinner site, expect more than the thrill of waiting for a win. The site is dedicated to the player enthusiasm and this has been achieved by making arrangements for a well-trained customer service team and easy fund transfer channels in or out of player accounts.

Get a hold of your tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop and get ready to hit enter when the site is launched.

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