Playing on PlayOJO unlocks a world of possibilities!

Just a few days ago, players of the PlayOJO online gaming site received notifications of a new great way for them to double, triple but basically multiply their chances of winning. For a casino that has a money back guarantee for players every time they place a bet, this is an offer that cannot be ignored. Players who play on PlayOJO receive a percentage of their bet money whether the outcome is a win or loss. Normally, free spins are supposed to be used by players to add to their attempts of landing a win but this site seems to be rewriting the rules. This is the one place where there is no concern for reading and understanding wagering requirements; free spins are redeemable for cash. The new offers for players of PlayOJO are valid on 5th July 2017 only.

Free spins awards

Deposits will earn them free spins in their equivalent in £. The best way to look at it is to put in 1 Free Spin for every £1 player deposits. The maximum reward with be 50 free spins and the deposit cannot be triggered by any deposit amount less than £10. For players who are familiar with Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist, then this is the best time to try for a win. Not aware what the game entails? Well, Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist is a game for the dare-devils. Set against the wild west backdrop with cowboys, blazing guns, country music and beautiful women, the task ahead is to unlock gold.

PlayOJO wheel spin

It’s summertime and PlayOJO is not done with rewarding its players with money and opportunities. Once logged in, a player can click on the go-getter kicker to earn 1x OJO wheel spin. This feature is not only a tool for rewarding loyalty but also give players more play time. This is normally awarded when a special level has been unlocked.

Facebook free spins

PlayOJO is on Facebook and it is for a good cause. Page visitors are only required to click on the following button. A random profile is picked to be awarded sweet Free Spins reward. To make use of the reward, it makes the most sense if a player is already a member of the playing site; then they can use their free spins to engage in more play time for greater winning chances.

The best part; any free spin won can be withdrawn as cash and the equivalent amount is £0.10 per free spin.

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