Online Casinos And Problem Gambling

While many people enjoy playing at online casinos, a growing number of people are becoming problem gamblers. As a result, many online casinos operating for UK players have been told that they must crack down on allowing compulsive gamblers to access their casino accounts. In the UK alone, 1/3 of the total gambling activity for the country takes place online.

Online casinos are now being pressured to pay more attention to player’s gambling activities and the rate at which they are betting real money on games. Examples of UK gamblers who have gone too far include one unidentified problem gambler that served jail time stemming from committing £40,000 worth of fraud. It is being said that online casinos that have problem gamblers as members will send them emails enticing them to keep spending their money placing bets.

Problem gambling is nothing new in the UK, as the rate at which residents are becoming addicted has been soaring for years. As a result, Britain’s gambling revenue long ago reached two billion. It has been estimated that as many as 2% of the country’s residents have a problem with gambling. On average, these people end up in debt for £25,000. For every five UK residents that are suicidal, one of them is also a problem gambler.

Between the popularity and availability of online and mobile casinos, gambling is now more accessible to people than it ever was before. Being able to gamble in secret has led many to develop a problem than even their family members and close friends may not find out about until it is too late. Many people that got into the habit of gambling at betting shops have moved on to mobile gambling and suffered disastrous consequences as a result. Having the ability to access casino games on mobile devices has turned many healthy gamblers into problem gamblers.

In many cases, problem gambling can be traced back to the availability of casino games on social media sites such as Facebook. While it is not possible to play casino games on Facebook and bet real money on them, being able to play for free gives some people a false sense. It makes them feel as if they can join an online casino and gamble with real money. Those whose gambling spirals out of control are unfortunate victims of their own lack of impulse control.

It is not only social media sites that are enabling problem gamblers, but also online Poker rooms. However, in the case of online Poker, problem gamblers are devoting more time than is healthy as opposed to betting more money than they can afford to. This is a fairly new trend among problem gamblers, but one that is being addressed more and more often.

Only time will tell whether or not the presence of online casinos creates more problem gamblers than the country would have on its hands otherwise. Many online casinos throughout the UK are now being pressured to take measures to ensure responsible gambling.

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