New Trends In Online Casinos

2018 has the potential to be groundbreaking for new online casinos. They are becoming an incresingly popular way to stay entertained. With the explosion in popularity, the number of online casinos in operating is growing by leaps and bounds. As a result, 2018 will see them continue to lure players in with the promise of large jackpot wins. In almost every month of 2017 players won huge jackpots at online casinos. Progressive jackpots have become particularly popular with players all over the world. Games such as Mega Fortune and Hall of Gods have repeatedly paid out progressive jackpots to lucky players.

A growing number of new and already established online casinos will spend the bulk of 2018 encouraging players to make their deposits using Bitcoins. This digital currency, which can be used to gamble anonymously, will likely eventually transform the face of the online casino industry. Of all the world’s cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is the one players are most familiar with and are beginning to use in droves. Being able to accept and payout Bitcoins will allow online casinos to greatly increase the amounts their progressive jackpots are worth.

Another trend set to take over for new casinos 2018 is the rise of social gambling oline. Facebook has been providing social games for years now, and online casinos want a piece of the pie. Many of today’s most popular online casinos are making it easy and fun for players to interact with each other while engaged in games. This includes online Bingo halls where players can participate in a virtual chat with their peers. Other online casinos are creating social networks for players through sites such as Facebook.

The live gaming portion of online casinos is expected to grow throughout 2018. More and more online casinos are seeing the value of luring players in with the promise of real time gaming, hosted by dealers that players can see and interact with. New games such as Dream Catcher are frequently being added to the live dealer section of the major casinos operating online. Dream Catcher is a game similar to Wheel of Fortune, but with a gambling aspect added to it. Players are embracing the idea of having a realistic gambling experience from the comfort and privacy of home.

Building on the idea of players immersing themselves in online gambling, the gamification trend will likely further develop throughout 2018. Players are looking for an experience that is as interactive as possible. Online casinos are responding to this by offering games in which players are working towards  receiving rewards for completing challenges. They are also going head to head with other players to see who can score the most points and land a spot on the leaderboard. This is expected to result in the online casino industry attracting players that weren’t previously interested in what the industry had to offer.

These are just a few of the trends set to take over the world of online casinos throughout the year 2018.

new trends in online casinos
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