New Changes In UK Gambling Ads

For 2018, advertising regulators are cracking down on the ads seen and heard by the country’s players. New standards are being unveiled that ads for new online casinos will have to comply with. The reason for the unveiling of these new standards is that there is concern about how gambling ads are affecting the health of those who engage in this pastime regularly.

According to the Committees of Advertising Practice, ads are being pulled that appear to make those viewing them think there is an urgent need for them to gamble. Ads meant to draw gamblers into live events will no longer be allowed to use phrases such as Bet Now! These ads will also not be permitted to encourage viewers to play casino games over and over again. The committee’s goal is to ensure that ads no longer minimize the risks of gambling in the minds of those who do it.

Gambling advertising will be scrutinized to ensure that no ad is detailed enough to encourage problem gamblers to keep playing. Ads will no longer be permitted to undermine how dangerous gambling with real money can be for many people. Advertisers and marketers will now be responsible for ensuring that their promotional material does not target problem gamblers and, instead, takes steps to protect them from their destructive behavior.

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority is set to begin deciding which online gambling ads can be displayed or broadcast to the country’s residents. Gambling advertising has been much more liberal ever since the Gambling Act of 2005. Officials have determined that ads glamourizing online gambling have been motivating people to gamble in irresponsible ways. Ads will no longer be allowed to be exploitative in any way. The goal of changing how gambling ads are portrayed is to show people that gambling responsibly is the only safe way to do it.

The effort is already underway to get online casinos to stop offering games that are enticing to those who are too young to gamble legally. Hundreds of online casino operators throughout the UK have been contacted and asked to remove any games from their collection that appeal to underage players. In  2016, a study done by the Gambling Commission determined that of all the children playing online casino games illegally, roughly 9,000 of them had a history of irresponsible gambling. As a result, the plans for 2018 are for the Committees of Advertising Practice to release new guidelines to protect underage players from falling vulnerable to online casinos.

The online gambling industry in the UK is being shaken up as a result of sites using misleading ads to draw players in. Online casinos have come under fire for urging their sports bettors to place wagers on live games before it is too late.

There is no doubt that by the end of 2018, gambling advertisements throughout the UK will look much different. They are essentially getting a facelift to make them more appealing to those who gamble in a healthy way and discouraging those who gamble in an unhealthy way.

changes in uk gambling ads
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