Movie Themed Slot Machines

There are many genres of slot machines, but one of the fastest growing genres is movie-themed games. These games appeal to players of various ages all over the world. Many classic and modern popular movies now have a slot machine based on them.

One of the movie-themed slot machines designed to appeal to older players is Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Everything about the game, including its bonus rounds, was inspired by the movie. The game features Audrey Hepburn’s character, Holly Golightly. It recreates her romance with her leading man, Paul. A unique aspect of this game is that players can switch back and forth between Holly’s reel and Paul’s reel or play a combination of both. Throughout the game, players will periodically see clips taken directly from the movie. Bonus games triggered during the spinning of the reels include The Typewriter, Five and Dime Store and The Alley Cat.

More modern slot players are probably more excited about The Dark Knight slot machine. When the movie was released in 2008, it went on to become history’s third best-selling movie in terms of box office receipts. The slot machine game based on the movie is particularly popular because it pays out a progressive jackpot. The game keeps players hooked because every winning combination of symbols on the reels triggers the playing of a scene that was cut from the movie before it was released in theaters. While spinning the reels, players are treated to graphics and sound effects that are as dark as the movie is.

Ghostbusters is also a movie that now has its own slot machine game. Players love this game because Slimer is their companion all through it. Just like The Dark Knight, players are treated to scenes from the original Ghostbusters movies anytime they win money from the game. The sound effects and background music from the movie are also included. With several bonus rounds based on the movie, the Ghostbusters slot machine is a treat for any player who fondly recalls the characters. Each bonus round is based on some aspect of the movie.

For something completely different, The Godfather is also a widely popular slot machine found at online and land-based casinos. There are actually two versions of the game; one is Corleone’s Office, with 25 paylines, and the other is My Daughter’s Wedding, which includes the 243 ways to win feature.  Players love this game because of its multi-level format, which makes it more interactive than many others. They also enjoy being led through the game by Corleone.

Last but not least is the Indiana Jones slot. The game is based on the adventures the hero faces throughout the series of movies. During gameplay, clips are shown from The Last Crusade, Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Temple of Doom.

These are just a few of the many slot machine games based on movies. There are many more for players to look forward to the release of.

movie themed slots
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