Little Known Slot Machine Facts

Many people play and enjoy slot machines, both at online and land based casinos. Yet not everyone knows certain facts about them. These facts can change how people view this classic and beloved casino game.

While it is possible to find out the house edge of any table game, it is impossible to do with slots. The reason for this is that players can never know which symbols are going to land on the reels in which order. The truth is that in nearly every instance, the house edge of a slot machine is much higher than the house edge of any table game. This is why most professional gamblers avoid playing slot machines. Having a house edge usually more than 5%, professional gamblers are weary of slots.

However, despite the attitude of professionals towards slots, they actually contribute as much as 85% of any casino’s revenues. Up until the middle of the 1980s it was believed that slots were mostly used to help distract female gamblers. Prior to that, land based casinos would keep their slot machines in the hallway so they didn’t take up space on the casino’s gaming floor. As casinos began to incorporate slots into their gaming floors there was a shift in their usage, leading to the 85% in revenue garnered by them.

In today’s world, newer online slot machines with progressive slots generally give away just as much money as a lottery jackpot would. Lottery jackpots always pay out more for a good reason. There are three types of progressive jackpots, each of which reaches its jackpot amount in a different way. Standalone progressive jackpots are more often found at land based than online casinos. The reason for this is because a standalone jackpot comes from one machine only.

Local area progressive and wide area progressive jackpots are found at most casinos. The local progressives cull their jackpots from multiple games at the same casino while wide area progressives cull their jackpots from several casinos at once. The odds of winning any progressive jackpot are twice the odds of winning a lottery jackpot. Of all the progressive jackpots the largest one is Megabucks.

Something else players may be surprised to find out is that despite the number of casinos in the US, there are a larger number of slot machines in Japan. In fact, Japan has almost five million slot machines throughout their land based casinos. With a much smaller population in Japan than the United States, there are more slots per person in Japan. The country has one slot machine for every 27 residents.

Another little known fact about slot machines is that they are similar to Skinner boxes. A scientist named Skinner determined that animals were more prone to want boxes that gave them rewards every now and then as opposed to all the time. This idea was applied to slot machines and is the reason why most spins do not result in a winning combination of symbols.

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