The Growth of eSports Betting

Since its inception eSports has helped the online gambling industry in the UK become even more popular than in the past. The introduction of e-sports has drawn in video gamers that previously weren’t interested in online gambling.

Throughout 2018 the industry is set to keep growing rapidly. 82% of people  surveyed feel that by 2020, esports wagering will become as sophisticated as traditional sports wagering is already. The line between traditional sports betting and e-sports is becoming increasingly blurred in today’s world. Traditional sports betting is being found more and more often in e-sports. This is expected to increase the interest of the general public in the act of online betting. It is set to improve the bottom line of the entire e-sports industry.

It has been proven that those who bet on e-sports are consistently betting the same, if not higher, amounts. There has been seemingly no decline in the value of the amount bets players are making. This is one factor that points to the ongoing growth of the industry.

One drawback to the growth of the e-sports industry is that many online casino/sportsbook operators feel that traditional sports bettors are more valuable to them than e-sports bettors. However, over a long term basis, many online operators believe that e-sports bettors will make them more money than traditional sports bettors will. This is showing that the industry is shifting from valuing one to the other, something that represents a 5% growth from previous years.

As e-sports become even more popular, it has been predicted that before 2020 the industry will have earned £800 million in revenue. This comes from not only the amount of money e-sports bettord fors over, but also money earned from advertising and sponsorships. This £800 million in revenue is twice what the industry’s revenue was for 2017.

The growth of the industry is expected to increase rapidly in the coming years. It has been predicted that the industry’s revenue will soon exceed £1 billion. The number of people expected to participate in e-sports betting is expected to hit almost 600 million by the year 2020.

Having become more popular than anyone ever expected, e-sports betting continues to thrive. One reason for this is that in response to its overwhelming popularity, e-sports are increasingly offering larger and larger prize pots. As a result, the industry has attracted more prestigious bettors that are willing to increase the amount of money they spend on e-sports. Since e-sports tournaments are now paying out amounts as high as £1.8 million, the trend of bettors spending more money is becoming more and more prevalent.

There is no doubt that players all over the world will continue to turn to e-Sports for their online gambling needs. The industry has nowhere to go but up. Expectations are high for e-sports in the coming years, with a growing number of online gambling sites beginning to offer or expand their e-sports sections in a bid to remain competitive and attract new players.

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