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Curacao eGaming | A nationwide licensing authority

Since its inception in 1996, Curacao eGaming has been one of the most reliable centers of information and licensing authority in the online gambling industry. Casinos, sports lottery, poker, and other games of lottery and skills come under its jurisdiction. The company has gained popularity all over the world due to its nominal tax policies and easy accessibility.

This regulatory body promotes a healthy and ethical atmosphere in the gambling industry. The service providers of Curacao eGaming are spread across multiple nations, and their solutions are tailored to meet the fast-changing nature of the business.

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Gambling License:Curacao eGaming

Cost of License

When it comes to affordability, Curacao eGaming offers its applicants a much cheaper rate of registration and licensing compared to other reputed regulatory bodies in Malta, the UK, Alderney, and so on. While the UK levies 15% of the revenues as taxes, Curacao charges only 2% of the net profit as taxes. The company offers licenses upon a minimum deposit that varies from £15000 to £20000.

If the casinos require a faster online gambling license, this eGaming regulator is usually the go-to regulator. The registration and licensing process are completed within a short time frame of 3-4 weeks.

As a result of its flexible and inexpensive sublicensing opportunities, the casinos dealing with cryptocurrencies and bitcoins are more inclined towards gaining a license from Curacao eGaming.

Validity of the Curacao License

Curacao eGaming restricts the use of its licenses within the jurisdiction of the countries like Singapore, China, North Korea, Japan, Qatar, Lebanon, Curacao, France, USA, Poland, Turkey and the whole of UAE countries where online gambling is strictly prohibited.

Curacao License is also not valid within the jurisdiction of countries that do not allow any foreign license holders to operate. The license is also not valid in countries which strictly do not allow any foreign providers to issue licenses to their domestic gambling companies and casinos.

Apart from these jurisdictions, Curacao eGaming ensures fair gaming environment in the iGaming industry. Service providers working under Curacao’s eGaming license must bear the official seal of the company. This is regarded as an anti-fraudulent measure by the company.

How to secure an IP approval and Gambling License

Among the four master license holders, viz. Gaming Curacao, Curacao Interactive Licensing, Antillephone and Curacao eGaming, only the latter offers specialized gaming licenses to its eligible customers- operators, network and service providers. The one-in-all mode of licensing is very lucrative for the casinos. If an organization wants to include interactive electronic gambling to its repertoire of Bingo, pokers, Rummy, cards, slot machines, lotteries, betting, casinos and other games of skill, it can get the permission with just one application only. So, a single license covers almost all types of games. The following criteria must be fulfilled for IP and gaming:

  1. Only the casino in Curacao which has its hosting server in the island is eligible to apply for gaming and IP licenses.
  2. Along with the mother server, the company seeking a license must install their database in the country only.
  3. Due to the enforcement of Permanent Establishment rules, the hardware must be owned and installed within the country.
  4. The casinos must furnish an extensive list of documents, duly signed by the owner. The documents should provide complete details of the ownership of the casino, assets and liabilities of the owners, details of their past business, documents pertaining to other entrepreneurs involved in the casino, and so on.
  5. Curacao eGaming conducts IP compliance inspection at regular intervals with the help of its officers and engineers. Non-adherence to any of the criteria amounts to heavy penalties and withdrawals of licenses and IP permission.  Hence, the registered casinos must be very careful about updating their service information, URLs and domains to the Gaming Authority.
  6. Once the application is approved, the casino should pay the license fee in full.
  7. On receipt of payment of the required registration fees or submission of proof of payments, the compliance team will begin to process the IP application.
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Curacao eGaming has been providing world-class services to its clients from the time of its founding. Its popularity can be attributed to the prompt services and easy mode of licensing that has gained momentum by leaps and bounds. Through its turn-key casino services, the company has championed the online betting industries for more than a generation.

Also, Curacao eGaming’s player-friendly and casino-friendly policies have been setting new standards for other regulators to match. Thanks to them, Curacao is becoming a new hot destination for online gambling for casinos from across Europe and beyond.

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