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Alderney Gambling Control Commission | A premium online regulator

Considered as the first-tier regulatory body controlling online gambling and casinos, Alderney Gambling Control Commission sets its mission in such a fashion that gives its clients and the casino lovers a safe and versatile gaming environment.

Established in the year 2000, the Commission acts an independent body and regulates the functioning of the casinos on behalf of the government of Alderney. The digital gambling sector in Alderney has become a safe and secure place for all kinds of casino players under the strict guidelines of AGCC.

Alderney Gambling Control commission
Gambling License:Alderney Gambling Control commission
Location:The British Channel Islands

License and Registration 

Within the regulatory framework of the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, the authority specifies the documents required to be submitted by the applicant casinos to get them registered with the Commission for licenses. They are:

  • The company must submit an application form, complete with all details
  • Registration fee is payable to the commission
  • A self-attested statement of proprietorship
  • The latest statement of the annual audit report
  • A declaration, duly signed by the applicant, of any legal dispute, the proprietor may be engaged, in the past or at present
  • Certificates like ISO and other documents that prove the credibility of the business and its owner.
  • List of procedures undertaken for testing compliance by the business
  • Other subsidiary deposits, paid in full
  • Written consent by the owner that permits AGCC employees to visit and inspect the casino by their standard checklist

Types of licenses

The various kinds of certificates and licenses issued by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission are:

  • First category eGambling (A1) license gives legal sanction to the applicants for verification of data submitted by the players, to enter into a contractual relationship with the players for smooth gambling operations, to manage funds for the players
  • Second category eGambling (A2) license gives the power to continue with the gambling transactions within the recognized hosting center
  • Core Services Associate Certificate
  • Associate certificates
  • Temporary eGambling licenses
  • Hosting Certificate
  • Individual Certificate

The betting organization can apply for any one or multiple licenses.

alderney gambling control

Procedure for Registration & Activation

From the time of application until its activation, the process of licensing can be classified into two phases.

Phase 1

PHASE 1 consists of three different steps enumerated below comprising of submission of a proposal for licensing, acknowledgment of the proposal by the Commission, and finally, the assessment made by Alderney Gambling Control Commission for granting of the intended license.

Step 1

  • The casino must be registered in Alderney, and this should be declared officially in the Gazette published in Alderney.

Step 2

  • The company seeking a license from AGCC would now submit a duly filled application form along with self-attested copies of the necessary documents required for completion of the process. The company must submit a minimum initial deposit of £10,000 to the Commission.

Step 3

  • The Commission with its chairman and other members of the Board of Directors would arrange a meeting for personal interaction that can facilitate a better understanding of the contract. This meeting helps the Commission to gain better insight into the plans and programs of the casino. These include the applicant’s potential to run an operational team, the knowledge of the skills and acumen necessary to run a digital casino business and the details of the other corporate entities who might be involved in the business.

Phase 2

Upon the satisfactory clearance of the first phase, comes the 2nd PHASE. This is a pre-operational stage for the license to go live. At this level, some areas of operation require approval from the Commission, viz. equipment used in betting and gaming, the internal control mechanism, and the status of license capitalization. Phase 2 consists of the following steps:

Step 1

  • A study of the casino’s internal operating mechanism has to be conducted. The casino must follow the prescribed ICS guidelines. The approval form must be signed and endorsed with a required deposit of £10,000. This document can be communicated online or physically to the Commission. Once the company gets through the ICS report, it progresses one step further towards the acquisition of the license.

Step 2

  • The application software used for running the games and the gaming software must pass the test to get the approval from the Commission. The tests are conducted upon deposit of £5,000.

Step 3

  • Alderney Gambling Control Commission will scrutinize the documentary evidence furnished in favor of licensing. Then the Commission has to establish the financial stability of the casino. The betting companies must have adequate funds that would surpass the players’ cash reserve, current assets of the company must be higher than its current liabilities, and the total assets must exceed by at least 25% of the total liabilities.

Finally, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission issues the authorisation letter that grants the most coveted license to the applicants.

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