The Future of Online Gambling

Far from being a new pasttime, online gambling has already had quite a past. Now the question is, what does the future hold for it? When Microgaming software was released in 1996,  the online gambling industry became a new sensation throughout the UK.

In 2005 the Gambling Comission changed the law so that there were fewer regulations in place which would have stifled the growth of online casinos. As a result, the online casino industry in the UK grew by leaps and bounds while many other industries throughout the country were losing money rapidly. Between 2009 and 2010, online casinos were responsible for £86 in revenue. By 2014 that number had grown to £366 and has continued to grow every year since.

As the online gambling industry continues to gain steam in the UK, more and more people are aware of it due to increased adverts on TV that entice potential players with the promise of free spins and free money to gamble with. Combined with the chance to place low bets that may lead to large winnings, players throughout the UK can’t resist signing up for an account with their favorite online casino.

There has especially been an increase in the number of women throughout the country who are gambling more often than ever before now that they can do so online. Since the majority of land based casinos are more appealing to men than to women, the rise in female online gamblers has been linked to the comfort they feel playing in the privacy of their own home.

The rise in popularity of online casinos, as well as the fact that the UK’s brick and mortar betting shops have drastically lowered their maximum bet limit on most games, is likely what is driving more and more people to simply stay home and gamble online.

The UK’s Culture Secretary, Matthew Hancock, is cracking down on betting limits in a quest  to drive them down to only £2. Th highest bet one will be allowed to make on a gaming machine will be £50, if Hancock has his way. Though this has not been formally introduced yet, plans are to make this happen soon. However, there is a very high chance that the £2 betting limit will be made official in the near future.

This is driving more players to simply log on to their favorite online casino to access all the games they enjoy the most. While lawmakers are focusing on making it more difficult for problem gamblers to access gaming machines, they are doing nothing to make online gambling more difficult to access.

One area in which officials are cracking down is in forcing online casinos that don’t follow through with their advertised welcome bonus offered to new players, and ensuring that they do stick to their own terms. Combined with the rise in mobile gambling, online gambling is set to continue its rapid growth throughout the UK for many years to come.

the future of online gamling
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