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Cookie Policy

At New Casino Sites, we constantly strive to offer a more enjoyable and convenient experience to our users. To do this, we make use of small files called cookies. These cookies collect information about the behavior of our users on our website, such as from where they arrived on our website, which subpages they visited on our website, how much did they use that page, and so on.

How We Use Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are downloaded onto your device the moment you visit our website. These files are extremely small and have no perceptible impact on the performance of your device or browser. They just sit there silently and collect information about your usage of our website. This information is then used to provide you a better experience on our website. We do not use cookies to identify you personally. They are mostly used to know whether you have previously visited us, and if yes, then that information is used to tailor our website to your previous preferences.

Cookie Types and Purposes

Cookies have very specific purposes and they are classified according to this. Here’s some information about the different cookies we use and their intended purposes.

  • Destination Cookie

This type of cookie lets us know whether you visited from a search engine like Google, or from another website, or from any of the social media platforms. At the same time, they also provide us information about the online casino you visited by clicking on a link on our website. If more people are visiting an online casino from our website, then we will know to bring better offers from that website for our users.

  • Demographic Cookies

These cookies provide us a better understanding of our visitors, such as which country are they visiting from, which browser they are using, which operating system they are using, which device they are using, and so on. We use such information to provide content that is more relevant and tailored to our users.

  • Behavior Cookies

These cookies help us understand how much time our visitors spent on our website, and on which pages. That way, we know whether they liked the content on a particular page, and can make efforts to improve it if they are unsatisfied.

All the content collected by the cookies is not analyzed individually or used to identify our visitors. This data is processed on a bulk level to gain insights that can be used to improve the website experience for our users.

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