Casino and Slot Machine Superstitions in the UK

There are superstitious people in every country throughout the world. However, in the UK many gamblers have superstitions about casinos in general and slot machines specifically. In fact, according to a 2015 survey more than 54% of residents of the UK have at least one superstition relating to gambling. This superstition is that knocking on wood will bring them good luck.

Another superstition is that it is always bad luck for a player to cross his or her legs while actively participating in any casino game. It is believed that if a player crosses legs, arms or both, they are putting distance between themselves and good luck. This is not one of the more common superstitions though. Common superstitions throughout the UK include refusing to walk under a ladder and never opening an umbrella while still inside.

When it comes to lucky numbers, it has been determined that for every five residents of the UK one plays the number seven anytime that they can while gambling online. Numbers also come into play for superstitious UK residents that regularly engage in games of Roulette. A superstition about online Roulette is that they should bet on numbers that are said to be sleeping. This is the idea that if a number hasn’t come up in a game of Roulette for a while, it should come up shortly. Another online Roulette superstition among UK players is that the color on the Roulette wheel that they notice first is the one they should place a bet on. Another commonly held superstition about online Roulette is that saying curse words at the ball as it rolls around the wheel will scare it into landing on the number a player bet his or her money on.

Sic Bo is another casino game that many players hold superstitions about. It is not uncommon for players to wear red clothing, which they believe will give them good luck. Some players also believe in wearing a piece of clothing that they know is somewhat dirty. The idea behind this superstition is that the dirtiness of the clothing item helps players avoid being the victims of bad luck. Many also hold the superstition that they should always avoid betting on the number four. The reasoning behind this is that four is considered an unlucky number in this game. It is also avoided by many players because a four will offer a lower return than the numbers eight or 13 would.

While not every gambler believes these superstitions a significant number of players do. Each country has its own superstitions when it comes to casinos and gambling. Only time will tell how accurate any of these superstitions are; yet some players will hold onto them for the foreseeable future. There are good luck superstitions and bad luck superstitions, many of which have been developed after years of gambling. These common and uncommon superstitions affect how many UK residents approach their favorite casino games.

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